.10 fl oz Lip Balm .33 fl oz Hand & Body Lotion Price for both Meet in Covington or Fairwood
Handmade Various colors $5 per pack Or 3 packs for $12 Meet in Fairwood or Covington
New in box. Unopened. Skin care mask designed to clear complexion. Minimizes pores, supports skin s natural oil balance, lifts away dirt. Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates. Retails for $59 at Sephora.
Colors Steamy (teal) Contrast (dark blue-good for Smokey eye) Idol eyes -silver Club-gray/Brown Sprout(green) Some used a few times $10 for all (normally $16 each)
Please, if you have this palette and don't love it, let me take it off your hands. This was my 10 year olds biggest wish for Christmas and it has been impossible to find. She spent 2 hours yesterday calling every ulta within a 6 hour drive and in NYC (our family is there) trying to find one. You would make her life if you wanted to sell yours. I know this is a loooong shot, but I am crossing my...